About the Author...

...she's writing dirty, steamy, sometimes kinky and somehow sweet NSFW short romance.

USA Today Bestselling Author Kameron Claire writes stories with witty tongues, wicked needs, and wild deeds.

Her full length and short, steamy contemporary and paranormal romances emphasize strong female leads and the protective alpha men who know how to love and support kick-ass, take-charge women.

"She" may not NEED him to save her, but she WANTs him to love, support, and most of all, RAVISH her.

  • GoodReads Review

    Kameron writes really good stories with tons of emotional and physical reactions from her characters. The dialogue and situations are well thought out and evocative. Couples that we care about and get to se again with a series like this one. She writes awesome sexy steamy encounters too!!

  • BookBub Review

    Kameron is a master storyteller and she uses her skills to develop this couple’s connection into a loving relationship. Supportive family, friends, and teammates bring this story to a new level. I love this series, interconnected characters and stories that make love and family the standard!

  • Amazon Review

    Kameron loads her stories with everything necessary for a beautiful, decadent, and satisfying story for her readers. Gorgeous characters, delicious dialogue, and a plot that’s compact but delivers a punch. The couple’s HEA and expanded epilogues are great - love seeing how things continue!

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